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Call us for a pediatric home assessment

We offer a fast pediatric assessment in Rome

We are paediatricians looking after your child when it is needed. Directly at your home/hotel. We work 24/7. Holidays included.

COVID-19 emergency

Due to the COVID-19 emergency we are selecting our calls. Children with fever, cough or increased work of breathing may need to be referred to Hospital in order for COVID-19 swab. In this case we may not see your children at home. 

Baby with Stethoscope

First Aid at your home

In Rome 24/7

Book for an appointment

We follow your child at home with routine checks

The health of your baby

Information and advice

Streptococcus Rapid Test

Home diagnosis

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Little Boy dottore di gioco
Pediatrician Examining Infant
Nurse Checking Girl


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